South Carolina Representative: Wishing You A Merry, Merry, WHITE Christmas

December 7, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Latest news item about white supremacy in the USA government:

This past July in South Carolina, the Confederate flag was removed from the Capitol grounds—where it had flown for 50 years—after nine Black people were gunned down by a white racist in a Charleston church.

Now, South Carolina State Representative Chris Corley has sent out a Christmas card to his Republican colleagues which features a photo of the Confederate flag and says: “May you have a blessed and happy Christmas, and may you take this joyous time as an opportunity to ask for forgiveness of all your sins such as betrayal.” During the House debate over removing the flag, Corley had suggested replacing the Confederate flag with the white flag of surrender.

His card says: “May your Christmas be filled with memories of a happier time when South Carolina’s leaders possessed morals, convictions and the principles to stand for what is right.”

White supremacists like Corley pine for HAPPIER times—when white people OWNED other human beings!

They defend the Confederate Flag of SLAVERY—saying it stands for pride in their Southern ancestors who fought to protect their homes and land in the Civil War.

In “RESISTANCE, REVOLUTION, AND WHAT SHOULD—AND SHOULD NOT—BE SUPPORTED ,” Bob Avakian brings reality into focus on this bullshit:

A lot of these white people in the South say, “well, that flag doesn't stand for slavery and oppression, that just stands for Southern heritage.” Well, what is your fucking heritage? Your heritage is inseparable from and is founded on slavery and oppression and the Ku Klux Klan. That is your Southern heritage. There could be no South and no Southern heritage without it.


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