Chicago Urban Prep Students Disrupt Mayor with “16 Shots, 16 Shots”

December 17, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |



For the past week Mayor Rahm Emanuel has disappeared from public view as the outrage over the police murder of Laquan McDonald and the cover-up over the crime has continued. On Wednesday, December 16, Emanuel invited the media to cover his carefully choreographed appearance at the all-male, all-Black, jacket-and-tie-wearing, 100-percent-acceptance-to-college Urban Prep Academy. He spoke briefly about a new “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative and how it could be a model for youths around the city. When Emanuel finished, the school principal asked everyone to stand up and recite the school creed. Instead, a bunch of sophomores started chanting, “16 shots, 16 shots,” for the 16 times the murdering cop shot Laquan. This was all over the evening news. Now THAT’s a model for high school students to replicate!


16 Protesters Arrested in Die-in Blockade of Major Intersection

The day before, on December 15, 16 people protesting Laquan’s murder locked arms and lay down during rush hour on Congress Blvd., a major downtown intersection that leads to the expressway. It took the police an hour to cut them apart after first brutalizing several of them by tugging on their arms, which were locked together in lock boxes. Protesters were recorded screaming in pain. All 16 were arrested. Around the same time, another group of protesters disrupted the City Council’s hearing on the McDonald case, chanting “16 shots and a cover-up.”


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