The Revolution Club in Tennessee for Anna Yocca Arraignment

December 23, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper |


Unbelievable as it may seem....


The Revolution Club, Stop Patriarchy, revolutionaries, and activists came to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to #StandWithAnnaYocca during her arraignment on December 22, 2015 (she is still in jail with a $200,000 bail).  We were 14 strong from NYC, Atlanta, and Tennessee.  We brought a simple message "When a Woman Attempts a Coat-Hanger Abortion...It is the Patriarchal SYSTEM That Is Guilty of Attempted Murder—Against Her!" (  The Revolution Club came to let everyone know of the leadership we have in Bob Avakian AND of the REVOLUTION we need.  We brought BA's NEW quote (card) from "ON 'PRINCIPLED COMPROMISES,' AND OTHER CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY", "Break ALL the Chains!" Samplers, and Revolution newspaper. 

We held up our signs and posters outside the courthouse and rallied for about an hour.  We mic-checked on the outrageousness of Anna Yocca being charged with first-degree attempted murder, and we distributed materials.  We mic-checked on why we traveled to #StandWithAnnaYocca.  A progressive man who drove 4 hours to attend the arraignment spoke with conviction of why a woman should have TOTAL control over her body.  A woman who drove from a neighboring county spoke to the need of abortion being accessible and without shame (she made a sign with slogans from   

We went inside the courthouse to witness the arraignment.  While inside the courtroom we noticed several police officers strategically seated around us.  After the arraignment we stood up with our fists in the air and chanted "DROP ALL THE CHARGES! FREE ANNA YOCCA!"  The press followed us outside and we continued to rally while some of us got interviewed.  (See press coverage:

Stand with Anna Yocca

We decided to travel to a relatively busy area in downtown Nashville to let everyone know about the day AND to challenge people to get into this movement for revolution—in particular the leadership of Bob Avakian.  At a certain point we marched and chanted down the sidewalks.  Immediately someone yelled out of their car "Murderers!" And while we encountered a lot of backward, reactionary, anti-science women haters, pro-female enslavement zombies, we were able to interact with several people who were very supportive and appreciated us being there.  Most people did not know of Anna Yocca and several were shocked upon hearing the details.  People took materials and gave statements in support of abortion rights with one person giving a $100 donation.

Revolution 417 front page

When we led with BA's quote—it brought A LOT of clarity and framed why " the 21st century there are still people—including people in positions of power and authority—who are determined to force women to bear children...." Ted Cruz—one of the fascists running for the Republican nomination for president—was in Nashville (that same day) and some people gravitated to the issue of Revolution newspaper with candidates on the cover and the message "They have no answers / THE REVOLUTION DOES." And this provided an opportunity to walk people through this week’s editorial

Our experience was brief but the overall day emphasized the importance of our presence and intervention.  It sharpened the need of many more people from all walks of life urgently taking up the fight to STOP this war on women—especially on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. And it stressed the importance of many more people getting into the leadership of Bob Avakian (and the movement for revolution he leads) in order to fight for the emancipation of women as part of fighting for the emancipation of all of humanity.

Stand with Anna Yocca Stand with Ann Yocca


Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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