Chicago State University Students Walk Out Over Education Cuts

February 15, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


CSU Students block highway
Chicago State University students shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway, one of the main arteries into the city, for 15 minutes, demanding funding to save the school. Photo: Touissant Werner

From a reader:

Chicago State University students cited by police for protesting school closuresChicago State University students cited by police for protesting the state's funding cuts to state universities. Photo: Afrah Manderson

The spirit of discontent continues to linger in the streets of Chicago and the youth continue to rise to the occasion. Students from Chicago State University (CSU) staged a walkout recently and took their movement to save the school to the streets. They managed to shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway, one of the main arteries into the city, for 15 minutes striving to get the attention of the press so that something can be done to save the school.

The governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, has yet to pass a budget that will help to provide the funding to save not just Chicago State University but other schools that are currently being affected by this current stalemate.

Kwesi Ronald Harris, program director of the African-American Male Resource Center at CSU, had this to say about the students’ actions: “I can tell you that I’m proud and encouraged by this display, which has been a series of responses and expressions of solidarity. Chicago State University has been viewed as the vanguard, it has never taken an individualist position, [and] we truly recognize #wewinwhenweallin meaning all nine public universities affected by this assault on higher education, which [will] result [in] educational genocide.”


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