Dinners Set for Weekend of March 18-20

Fundraising Dinners to Get BA Everywhere

February 15, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


The BA Everywhere campaign aims to project Bob Avakian's voice and works throughout society—to make BA a household word. This requires huge sums of money. BA Everywhere is a multi-faceted fundraising campaign to involve and bring forward thousands of people to contribute and be a part of raising these funds. On the weekend of March 18-20, this campaign will hold dinners across the country to cap four weeks of fundraising to begin on February 20. Fundraising should go on in many forms—mass projects and mass fundraising days in the neighborhoods... organized efforts reaching out to people in the middle strata... and serious efforts to reach people with significant means. The dinners themselves should involve many people, bringing the four weeks of effort together, and taking this to another level. Party members and supporters should meet soon to launch this effort, and write to us with your plans.


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