On the Death of Antonin Scalia

February 15, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


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Antonin Scalia, a vicious operative for the capitalist-imperialist class who sat on their Supreme Court, has died. He “made his bones” by viciously opposing affirmative action and voting rights for Black and other minority people; the rights of women to abortion; the rights of gay and lesbian people to marry and raise children, and to generally live their lives free from government persecution; and the basic legal rights of defendants in criminal cases. He consistently fought for capital punishment, on and off the bench. He also “distinguished” himself by making caustic, mean-spirited speeches and statements from the bench at any opening.

The fact that Obama and other Democrats mourn Scalia, and that this even extends to Democratic Party mouthpieces on the liberal MSNBC, shows that those who rule this empire—whatever their differences—recognize that at bottom they stand on the same side. That is, on the side of exploitation, oppression, and military domination all over the world to enforce that. The side of capitalism-imperialism.

At the same time, those at the very top have differences over HOW to maintain and expand this empire. Sometimes, especially at times of crisis, these differences become very sharp—as they are now. Hence, before this nasty motherfucker was even cold, the daggers came out over who would succeed him and whether Obama would even be given the right to seriously nominate someone. It is very likely that Scalia’s death will exacerbate, deepen, and aggravate the splits among those who rule this empire. Those who fight for revolution should not take sides in such splits, but seek to take advantage of them for revolution.

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And to all those who may not be sure about wanting revolution, but ARE sure that they do not want to live in the world according to Antonin Scalia—CHECK OUT the revolution. Get into the work of Bob Avakian, including the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America. See the way that society could be. And join with us in the fight to STOP the relentless attacks on Black and other “minority” people, to STOP the oppression of women, to STOP American military aggression all over the world, to STOP environmental plunder, and to STOP the outrageous persecution of immigrants. To STOP, that is, everything that Scalia and those like him, Republican or Democrat, have stood for and defended, at the expense of billions of people worldwide.



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