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Arrested Protesters Released on I-Bond... Drop the Charges on the Anti-Police Terror Demonstrators!

March 2, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Chicago police attacked a peaceful protest on State Street this afternoon, throwing participants to the pavement, arresting four people and sending one to the hospital. The March 2 "No Business as Usual as Long as Murdering Police Walk Free" protest was viciously attacked by police moments after it began. (See WGN Channel 9 video.)

This was clear retaliation by the police for the message of the march and the earlier event at noon, "Stolen Lives Families Demand Justice," at the State of Illinois Building. Family members of 10 people who were murdered by police gave searing, bitter and heartbreaking testimony about the murder of their loved ones and demanded justice. March 2 marked 500 days since Laquan McDonald's murder. Demonstrators denounced the fact that no one is in jail for that murder and cover-up, and the murder of unarmed civilians by police continues.

Two of the organizers of the 3 pm demonstration (including Stop Mass Incarceration Network press liaison) and two other participants were arrested shortly after the march began. At least one person arrested had to be taken to the hospital.

Chicago police who murder unarmed civilians walk free while those who protest are arrested for demanding justice? This must stop!

We want to thank everyone who called Chicago Police Department this evening and demanded the protesters' release. Now we all have to come to their defense and demand that ALL charges be dropped.


The battle continues for justice for David "Iggy Flow" Rucker and Alfredo Reyes, who were arrested at an anti-police murder protest in December 2014. Please come out for their next court appearance Thursday, March 3, 9:30 am, Room 206 Cook County Courthouse, 26th & California.

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