Courageous Protesters Disrupt Trump Rallies Across the Country

March 7, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Donald Trump has been storming across the country unleashing a wave of hatred against oppressed nationalities, women, and immigrants. This is disgusting and should outrage anyone with an ounce of humanity. At almost every one of Trump’s rallies there have been courageous actions by groups and individuals who have stepped into the lion’s den facing violence by Trump’s supporters. Here are just some of the protests against Trump’s agenda:

  • Richmond, Virginia: some of the protesters were students from Virginia Commonwealth University who heckled Trump for more than 10 minutes shouting “Dump Trump” when he began talking about immigration and unfurled a sign that read, “No human life is illegal.” An African-American woman shouted, “Black power” as she was forced out of the rally. After she was kicked out of the rally, another protester told reporters, “We just had to show him that here we don’t stand for racism. He’s just playing on xenophobia and hatred towards people from minorities.”
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: On the eve of the final Republican presidential debate of 2015, Trump was repeatedly interrupted by Black Lives Matters protesters. A white man raised a banner that read, “Veterans to Trump: End hate speech against Muslims.”
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: protesters continuously interrupted Trump’s speech. The New York Times wrote: “Almost every Trump rally has attracted protesters, but on Friday night they practically overtook the event, and ‘Get ’em out of here’ sometimes felt like Mr. Trump’s most repeated line.” At one point, as the Times described “A lone man halted the proceedings when he lifted a homemade sign that said, on one side, “KKK 4 Trump,” and, on the other, “Trump Duke 2016.” This came after the furor over whether Donald Trump would disavow David Duke, who was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. “At times, the scene was confusing even to Mr. Trump, who tried to keep control from the stage. ‘Friend or foe?’ he asked at one point, noticing yet another commotion.” Protesters chanted “Black Lives Matter!” and defended themselves against Trump’s cretins who were putting their hands on them.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Rock Hill, South Carolina: Among the protesters was a man holding up a sign reading “Refugees Welcome.”
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma: High school students ditched school and smuggled a banner into Trump’s rally in one of their shoes. It read “Trump Makes America Hate Again” and was unfurled right in front of the stage!
  • Iowa City, Iowa: At least three separate actions took place inside the rally—one pulled out a “No Racism” sign; another wore a shirt reading “Heil Trumpler 2016” and threw tomatoes at the stage; and a series of whistle blowers wore T-shirts reading “I Stand with My Muslim Neighbors” annoyed Trump to the point of him asking “Am I allowed to rip that whistle out of their mouth?”


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