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March 21, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Revcom.us/Revolution received this correspondence in Spanish; the English translation below is our own.

A group of immigrant  readers of Revolución, we joined together to take up the challenge of raising funds to build the BA Everywhere campaign. We decided to make shrimp and crab ceviche and our goal was to raise $500. The plan was to make 50 small cups of ceviche and sell them for 10 dollars each. Once the plan was set, we began to tell people that there was going to be ceviche on the weekend to raise money for BA Everywhere.

One Sunday the alarm went off, I got up at 5:15 to take the 5:50 am bus in order to get to the place for preparing the delicious ceviche. My compañeros were right on time with their sharp knives and cutting boards to cut the shrimp, onions, tomatoes and gherkins. One compañera put on some music and we all began to move our hands to the rhythm of the music. We had a great time and by 11:00 the ceviche was ready.

We went out to take some orders of ceviche to an outdoor market and sell to people who were entering and leaving. We were distributing Revolución and the leaflet to raise funds and build the BA Everywhere campaign. In the market we delivered 6 orders. The people passing by didn’t buy any. One person who was drinking Coronas with his friends and who bought Revolución and who we gave the leaflet to, said to me would I sell him two ceviches for $5 each, and I told him no, because it was to raise funds for BA and we wanted to raise thousands of dollars.

One man says that he supports the BA Everywhere campaign and he has read Away with All Gods!, he likes it a lot. He struggles with people over religion, it’s said that regarding the people he struggles with, my comrade is going to drive them crazy. He told his wife to buy two ceviches, she said she would just buy one and he insisted that she buy two. By buying two ceviches, he supported with $20 dollars.

We raised $340 for the campaign, we still have to raise $160 to reach our $500 dollar goal, in two weeks we are going to sell a second round of ceviche. We challenge you to do an activity or, if you are a person who is economically in a good position, that you match the $500.


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