In Response to Trump: Abortion Is NOT Murder!

April 4, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


On March 30, Donald Trump said that abortion should be banned and that women who undergo an abortion should face “some form of punishment.” Trump quickly responded to the immediate uproar over his comment by saying that whether a woman should face punishment should be “left to the states” and that a woman who undergoes an abortion is “a victim” and only the doctor should face punishment. He said, “The laws are set now on abortion and that’s the way they’re going to remain until they’re changed.” Then in an interview on CBS (aired on Sunday, April 3) John Dickerson asked Trump, “Do you think it’s murder, abortion?” When Dickerson pressed Trump and asked, “But you don’t disagree with that proposition, that it’s murder?” Trump said, “No, I don’t disagree with it.”

Trump is openly saying what Ted Cruz, John Kasich and others in the Republican Party argue—that fetuses are babies with rights that are more important than the rights of women; in other words, that women are incubators and breeders.

The position of Trump and the whole anti-abortion movement rests on the LIE that abortion is murder. But ABORTION IS NOT MURDER. As a very important article, “What Is an Abortion and Why Women Must Have the Right to Choose—Life Cannot and Should Not Always Be Preserved,” by A.S.K. says:

Is it true that a fetus is a form of life? Of course it is. It is made up of live cells, it is growing and processing energy, it has the capacity to mature and reproduce, it has a genetic system and so on. Will an abortion destroy this form of life? Yes, absolutely. Well then, isn’t an abortion killing another human being? No, absolutely not. A fetus is not yet a human being. It is more like a seed or a sprout of a human being. It is "alive," but that is also true of all the other cells in a woman’s body. It has no life of its own yet. It is not yet a separate life from the life of the woman in whose uterus it is…

The life of a woman who is forced to continue an unwanted pregnancy is endangered. She might have to resort to a risky back-alley abortion. And if she is forced to go on with the pregnancy, her life is weakened and degraded. She will be robbed of pride and self-respect because she has been told by society that she is essentially worthless—even an undeveloped bunch of cells that isn’t even a whole baby yet gets more respect and has more value than this woman! Because she is not allowed to control her own body, her own reproduction, not allowed to decide whether or not or when to become a mother, she has no more freedom than a slave.

Fetuses Are NOT Children.
Abortion Is NOT Murder.
Women Are NOT Incubators.


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