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The following are letters we have received from readers who are holding gatherings as part of the movement of house parties/film showings to raise funds for the BA Everywhere campaign.

Iranian immigrants:
"There is a party, a leader and a strategy that I want to let people know about”

April 19, 2016

From a reader: 

Recently I got together with a group of Iranian immigrants who wanted to discuss and share their thoughts on the “Six Resolutions of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.”  They decided that they will host a potluck fundraising dinner as part of the BA Everywhere campaign movement of house parties, asking people to contribute $20 each.  Below are some of the things which people said in the discussion

One woman spoke about the seriousness and sense of responsibility that BA feels about the whole world and the whole of humanity. She said: “I know very little and since I have come to the U.S. I have been sinking deeper and deeper in this swamp of capitalist and imperialist way of life.  I see the world in an even more horrible situation than I could have imagined, but there is a sense that BA gives of hope for a different future and different dreams that most of us once had and wanted to put our life on the line for.  He presents this as something possible and he challenges all of us...I want to live up to that, but it is not easy...”

One of the key qualities that she sees in BA is his views about the woman question which she says no one in the world speaks to as clearly as he does. She thinks that BA speaks beyond these times we live in now and is so farsighted, and she finds this to be very admirable. She is reading and struggling with others to read the special issue of Revolution on The Communist Revolution and the REAL Path to Emancipation: Its History and Our Future, and plans to study more about BA’s new synthesis of communism in the polemic “Ajith — A Portrait of the Residue of the Past” from the journal Demarcations.  She feels she has more gravitation towards BA, and the party that he leads than anything else. 

A man spoke about the level of hopelessness in the world. He went on at length to describe the situation of refugees who have a 50/50 chance of survival even by throwing themselves and their little kids into the ocean.  Why?  Because if they stay in their countries it is 100% chance of misery and death.  “And this I never thought I would live to witness...”

Another person spoke up and said:  “There are a lot of horrors all over the world from wars, refugees, migrations and more, but follow the trails: they all get connected to imperialism and particularly the U.S. They are the ones trying to control the world and we see the consequences of that. And who is suffering?  Innocent people...all under the banner of freedom and democracy brought by the U.S.

“There are revolutionary situations but there is no real alternative.  We do have this alternative and leadership and strategy [with BA] but we are very small here and we have to do something about it. That is why this potluck fundraising dinner is important and we should involve a lot of people...I think we have to pay a lot of attention to young people, they are more poised and engaged and have the know-how. People do not need to repeat the example of Libya or Egypt... I have a lot of handicaps/barriers—including my language and the lack of knowledge and know-how… which I think these readings may help.  I want to be in the game, and there is a party, a leader and a strategy that I want to let people know about.”

Another woman had been checking BA out on YouTube and wants to watch the film Revolution and Religion: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion, A Dialogue Between Cornel West & Bob Avakian. She talked about her earlier experience on the 4th of July passing out palm cards with quotes from BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian.  Every one jumped at that and thought that was a great idea, since they all have limited ability to speak to people in English.  We need to put these cards in their hands. And we got into how they can help bring BA Everywhere in ways like this which are important. We talked a little bit as well about the film of the cultural event celebrating the publication of BAsics, Stepping Into the Future which we plan to watch, and also start watching BA Speaks—Revolution Nothing Less!  


From a Black woman:
“When I watch BA or listen to BA I get hope”

April 17, 2016

Because more people need to open their minds to the idea of a new life. BA is the only one speaking anything about getting rid of a real problem. People think that because this is the only system they are born and raised in they don’t see another way out. That we have to deal with it, work with it. And even if we do this it still comes back and bites us in the Ass. They make the laws on the one hand that are supposed to help you succeed in the system. And then hatred raises its ugly head and people are shot down in the street by police. It isn’t just Black people anymore. Though others aren’t getting massively incarcerated to the same degree. In this process it is this genocide going on and we are being wiped out on every side.

BA is actually putting it out there that we can band together and get rid of this system for good. And without the profit economics that we have now there wouldn’t be any need for Oppression. The oppression of Women and Black people would be eliminated. All the things we call a horror, little kids living in garbage dumps or working as slaves in other countries. People being blown up in their homes by the U.S. All the different horrors.

Maybe they have heard in casual talk about communism but it hasn’t been good. They’ve never been anywhere—I’ve never been anywhere. When you say about communism… I’ve never been there. When you talk about a state that was communism and they did those things people think it is too good to be true. When I watch BA or listen to BA I get hope—that there is a chance. Getting people to see this is going to be… Once people listen to BA—once people hear the things BA is saying, and how passionate he is about having people in on this people will say to themselves, “We could have a chance.” My money is on Humanity. Even though I was already there when I came into this.


Introducing BA to the Underground Electronic Music Scene

April 17, 2016

I am hosting an event, to introduce my friends, and a whole underground culture of open, progressive, left friendly thinkers, to Bob Avakian, and the RCP. The reason for this, is that the two groups really need each other. The underground electronic music scene, had been targeted by the U.S. government, to commercialize, in the past decade. During that time, not only has the scene’s culture deteriorated from this forced commercialization, but we are unable to even call an event, a “rave” anymore, or throw them in any place we could in the past. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, is not upheld, but forgotten. “Rave culture,” used to be more about camaraderie, and living life separate from mainstream society’s judgement, and rules. It was about acceptance, having fun, exploring ourselves, and bonding with each other as humans, through dancing, technology, and musical innovation. It was futurist, and exciting. It is now looked at as a new market, by the record companies, and industry. Egotism, rather than being called out as jerkish behavior, is catered to, the same way that it is done in the rock music scene. I don’t even need to mention the “Bros,” causing fights at bars, and music festivals.

Bob Avakian, has a relevance to not only our country’s situation, but is alive in our lifetime. His writings, analyze the past communist revolutions, and conceptualizes how we, as modern American citizens, can learn from our eastern comrades’ great struggles, to create a functioning, free society. We can only do that, through a real, socialist state. It is the key that our country is lacking, from its common knowledge. Communism is the best way to mobilize, and free our species, from the grip of Capitalist Imperialism. Communism frees ALL human beings. It would change not only our country for the better, but free the rest of the world of this country’s brutal military. 

Not only is his work able to tell us how we would have a revolution in the United States; because every country has to have their own revolution, relative to the conditions in those countries, but it helps us understand why our country has the problems that it does, has always had, and makes for the third world. His speeches really speak to the younger generations. Here is a social leader, whom curses about horrible situations, and injustice. He quotes George Carlin. His tone of voice is relatable to the fans of electronica, as members of an underground culture, and people whom distrust police, hate the prison system, and are open to people from all over the world.

Interestingly enough, the first electronic musical instrument, the Thereminvox, was created by a Soviet inventor, named Leon Theremin. Theremin introduced his invention to Vladimir Lenin, whom was musically talented, and held the first electronic music event in 1922, at the Kremlin, in Lenin’s office. Lenin played the Theremin, and took to it fast. He loved this new instrument, and the music it produced. Lenin had Theremin work with the Soviet government to create more electronic devices, for all sectors of soviet society.

Raving is a global society, based on freeing human beings to be themselves, to reject social castes, commercialism, and capitalism. So is Communism. Rave culture, in a very ironic way, is like a manifestation of communism, through a musical society. Knowing this, I think that anyone whom is interested in the betterment of our species, and our planet, could appreciate that.


Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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