Paris Climate Accords: Not Just Worthless but Doing SERIOUS HARM

April 25, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


The needs of capitalism destroy the environment--The World Needs Revoluiton

On April 22—on Earth Day no less—175 world leaders gathered at the United Nations to sign their much-ballyhooed December 2015 Paris climate agreement. Barack Obama claimed the agreement was “a turning point for the world” that would put the planet “in better shape for the next generation.”

But even before the signing, a flurry of new reports and rapid changes in the climate (including 11 straight months of record-breaking temperatures) pointed to the reality that global climate change continues and its effects are and will be increasingly destructive. The Paris agreement does not even come close to addressing this huge and urgent problem facing humanity.

In fact, this agreement is worse than worthless. It came out of a process dominated by the imperialist powers, whose system is compelled to produce and use fossil fuels that cause global warming, and to wield them as weapons in strategic contention among themselves. The U.S. and other powers are NOT aiming to take the radical steps necessary to seriously address climate change. Instead, they hope to manage this crisis in a way that allows them to preserve the capitalist-imperialist system and advance their immediate interests. And one of those interests is to lull people into thinking that the very vampires who rule this system can be reasoned with—that they can be left legitimately in charge while the unprecedented environmental emergency ravages the Earth more and more every passing day.

No fucking way. We don’t need agreements between the world leaders of this predatory, environment-destroying system. We need an actual—and total—revolution that puts an entirely different economic and political system in power. A system that aims at completely uprooting capitalism and moving forward to a world free of all exploitation and oppression. To learn more, read this.



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