Who Were the Heavily Armed, Violent Enforcers of White Supremacy at Stone Mountain, GA?

April 25, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


On Saturday, April 23, pro-Confederate-flag white supremacists staged a “pro-white” rally at Stone Mountain Park—just a few miles east of Atlanta. Stone Mountain is a grotesque monument to and celebration of slavery—the face of the mountain is like a Mount Rushmore to the Confederacy, with massive carved images of Confederate generals and leaders “Stonewall” Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis.

Anti-Klan protesters confront heavily armed law enforcement agents—official enforcers of white supremacy.
Anti-Klan protesters confront heavily armed law enforcement agents—official enforcers of white supremacy. (Photo: Special to revcom.us)

In response to this vicious provocation, hundreds of anti-racists gathered outside the gates of the park—Black nationalists, anarchists, SDSers, Unitarians, street organizations, the Revolution Club, students, and people who came out on their own to denounce white supremacy.

Only a couple dozen KKK’ers showed up. But the people who courageously and righteously showed up to confront them were attacked by hundreds of other heavily armed, violent, and uniformed enforcers for white supremacy: police in riot gear with AR-15 assault rifles, tear gas, rubber bullets, armored vehicles, and helicopters! As the anti-racist protesters attempted to march into the park, police swarmed them, pushing, tackling, and arresting many.

Despite the police attacks, a large group of demonstrators made it to the parking lot where they confronted both the unofficial and official white supremacists.



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