Going Out to the Neighborhood with the Message from the Party

May 23, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


The following is taken from a report on the initial efforts of some people who are getting out the broadsheet, “Time To Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution.” This focuses on plans going into this past weekend.

READ THE MESSAGE NOW: Time To Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution: Message from the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Front page issue 439

  Listen to audio of the Message, recorded by members of the Revolution Club

Some of the people in the Revolution Club were meeting last weekend to figure out how to represent for the message when the club goes out to the neighborhood this Saturday [May 21]. We thought it would be two or three people doing the planning, but everyone who could, wanted to come.

We took turns reading the message aloud. It was a good scene—discussing how to represent and convey the content and have the form be consistent with it. One person had everyone up and practicing and another was teaching people how to step in unison, etc., using BAsics the way [Mao’s] Red Book was used, making a banner with the title of the message. The group also went through the protocols for how to post up to defend the masses against illegitimate and illegal violence done under color of authority and adapted it for this outing. People with experience demonstrated how this is done and figured out who should do this if the need arises.

We also brought up the revcom.us website on the computer screen and went over what was there for the issue featuring the 50th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China (this was before the message was on the site). One club member has her dj setup in her basement and this is where we were meeting, so everyone trooped down there and did a collective reading of the message. It took several takes and she was going to have to do some editing (should be done now) so it could be sent into revcom and also be used out on the street. We had dinner together and then some of us hung out discussing and debating religion. Another club member said he has read four chapters so far of the Evolution book [by Ardea Skybreak] and was really enjoying it... he had read and copied by hand parts of it in prison.

There is one area which is densely populated where we are going out this Saturday. The poster of the message has been appearing up on walls in this neighborhood. But even though this area is densely populated, a lot of times the streets are empty because of the violence among the masses right now.

Nevertheless, the broadsheet of the message seems to be appearing on parked cars and sometimes you see multiple copies on the front doors/gates of apartment complexes. At one place someone spotted an older woman who they thought was taking down the multiple copies taped on the gate. But it turned out that she was taking them inside to the main door and taping them—one facing out and one facing toward the inside of the door and then taped extra copies onto the door for people to take and took one herself. Posters seem to be going up at bus stops, with posters taped up and then on tacks so that people can take one. There is also someone downtown who is going to a bus that runs express and giving little stacks to the commuters going home at the end of the day. People who work in these high-rises have also been taking them in, and there is a small shop in the area serving as a depot where people can get more.

There is a stop-the-violence event planned for this Saturday. Various churches and groups signed up to occupy the corners and many family members of people killed in the violence among the people are laying down in the street to dramatize their loss. We are hoping that some posters will be appearing along the route ahead of time, and then people will go out and get the message out among the people.



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