NEWS FLASH, Monday May 23, noon:

One of Freddie Gray’s Murderers Walks Free.  This Must Not Be Tolerated. There Must Be Justice.

Monday, May 23, 2016, noon| Revolution Newspaper |


Freddie Gray was murdered for NOTHING other than—very correctly—fearing for his life when the pigs began eyeballing him. 

Six pigs were accused of crimes connected with the murder of Freddie Gray, and now the case of the one—Nero—has been decided.  This pig who falsely arrested Freddie Gray, a young Black man—for NOTHING—totally acquitted. This false arrest was the first crime by the pigs that set in motion the murder of Freddie Gray. Pig Nero, who was part of arresting Freddie Gray, put him in the van without a seat belt—prior to Freddie Gray being taken on a “rough ride” while in restraints, the purpose of which is to inflict injury on the arrested person. In the case of Freddie Gray, what happened between the time of his arrest and the time he got out of the van led to his death; in other words, he was murdered by the police.

The only reason any of these pigs has faced trial was because of the struggle of the masses, especially the rebellion that took place a year ago last April. This acquittal must not be tolerated. There must be justice.




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