Take the Revolution to the July Conventions

May 23, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


This year’s elections have revealed potential cracks in the ways in which this system commands the political consent, and passivity, of the people it rules. There is widespread dissatisfaction and unrest, taking different forms... there is resistance to the fascist Trump... and within the Democratic Party and those it considers its “base,” there is turmoil, a seeking for answers and real concern about what kind of future we face. People are right up against the question pinpointed by Bob Avakian: the impossibility of “free elections” in a system divided into classes.

Revolution Club at Rise Up October

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Revolution Club

Revolutionaries must be there—and take it somewhere else: to a movement preparing for a REAL revolution. No answers—nothing but a dead end and worse—will ever be found in the framework of elections in this society.

In July, revolutionary communists will be at the Republican convention in Cleveland and the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. They will put forward and fight for the real way out of this madness, projecting revolution and the leadership of Bob Avakian into society and joining with people to fight the power on many different fronts as they do. They will organize those who are seeking a way out into revolution. And they will boldly project this slogan into society:


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