Will Reese

Will Reese (1950-2016)

A Life Lived for Revolution

Comrade Will Reese

A Celebration and Commemoration
May 14, 2016

May 23, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Late Saturday afternoon, May 14, more than 110 people came to a celebration and commemoration of the life of Will Reese/Bobby Hill, a revolutionary communist who died February 28 after a battle with cancer.

Family, friends, comrades, the New York Revolution Club, parents of people murdered by the NYPD, people from the projects and streets of Harlem, and activists from diverse social movements were all profoundly moved by the scope and content of a life brimming with meaning and import. People learned about and celebrated a life lived for revolution, a life dedicated fighting for a communist world based on the leadership of Bob Avakian.

Revolution/www.revcom.us is taking the unusual step of printing the full array of eulogies delivered at the memorial because at this moment—when the RCP has issued a message urging people to step forward and dedicate their lives to being a part of the movement for an actual revolution—there is much that people who are checking out and beginning to connect with the movement for revolution for the first time, as well as those who have been involved longer, can learn from and reflect on the significance, content, and fullness of the life of this revolutionary communist, Will Reese.

Please read obituaries about Will at Revolution newspaper and  the Amsterdam News.

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Harlem, NYC. Reaching out to—and drawing in—the youth.
Harlem, NYC. Reaching out to—and drawing in—the youth.
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(Special to www.revcom.us/Revolution)

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