Food for Thought: Trump and an Illegitimate System

May 30, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Donald Chump has built his whole campaign on a clearly fascist appeal, right down the line.

What does it say when this braying fascist jackass, this openly racist, bigoted, and misogynist inciter of hatred, this brazen liar and cowardly bully who glories in his ignorance and threats, is one of the two major candidates in this election?

What does it say that Chump’s whole campaign was built up and given literally billions of dollars in free air time by the media, and that now Chump himself is treated as fully “legitimate” by that same media, and by the other mouthpieces and functionaries of this system?

What does it say when the core of one of the two major “legitimate” parties of this system has, for some time now, been appealed to and cohered on essentially the same fascist basis?

It says that this system is utterly illegitimate and must be overthrown.



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