Staten Island, NYC: 16-Year-Old Black Youth Dies After Being Chased by Racist Mob

June 6, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Dayshen McKenzie

Dayshen McKenzie



On June 3, the New York Daily News broke the news about the death of Dayshen McKenzie, a 16-year-old Black youth, a week earlier as he ran for his life, chased by a mostly white group of youth in Staten Island, New York City. The story has also been reported in other media in the city. On May 27, Dayshen, a high school sophomore, and some of his friends, all Black, reportedly had some dispute with the other group, who began chasing Dayshen and his friends in several cars. A woman in the neighborhood who saw the chase told the NY Daily News, “To me, it’s murder. They were chasing him—that’s a crime. You’re hunting them because they’re black ... You’re calling them a n----r.” One of Dayshen’s friends said, “I just heard a lot of racial slurs.” When Dayshen—known to his friends as Poppa Jawn—collapsed, the woman witness, who is trained in CPR, tried to revive him. Dayshen had asthma and a heart condition. But, the woman said, “At that point, the cops came in and told everyone to put their hands up—so I complied, put my hands up”—this at a time when Dayshen’s life was hanging in the balance. Dayshen was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital. Tisha Richardson, Dayshen’s mother said that he was a comedian, rapper, and a basketball player. No one has been charged in Dayshen’s death.

There is an ugly legacy of Black people being attacked and murdered by racist mobs in New York City. 1982—Willie Turk, a Black transit worker, was stomped to death by a group of white men in Brooklyn. 1986—Michael Griffith, a 23-year-old Black youth, and three friends were trying to get help after their car broke down when they were attacked by a group of white men. Griffith was savagely beaten and then killed when struck by a car while trying to escape. 1982—Yusuf Hawkins, a 16-year-old Black youth, was attacked by a mob of 30 whites and shot to death in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

Witness describes last minutes of Dayshen McKenzie's life.

Check back at for further on the attack on Dayshen McKenzie as more becomes known.


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