A Call to Take the Revolution to the Political Conventions:


June 13, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Revolution Club at Rise Up October

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This July, in Cleveland and Philadelphia, the two main political parties will officially nominate their candidates. In Cleveland, for four days beginning July 18, Donald Trump, cheered on by his mob of racist baboons, fascist jackasses, and shit-eating Republican hacks, will strut around and whip up the backward and the confused against immigrants, Black people, women, Muslims, and anyone else who doesn't fit his perverted vision of "American greatness."

And in Philadelphia, just a week later, Hillary Clinton—flanked by her "diverse" crew of big-time exploiters and dominators, wannabes, and double-dealing, double-talking Democratic hustlers—will try to lure and lull those who can't stomach Trump to line up behind her "inclusive" banner as... a serial war criminal and proven aider and abettor of the mass imprisonment of Black youth!

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And all this will kick off yet more months of America's longest-running and truly sickest reality TV show.


No. No way this goes down unopposed, without the movement for revolution setting different terms on the source of the problem, the real solution, and how to fight for it being set in the streets.

The Revolution Club will be going to both cities, raising a banner of real liberation from this madness, and projecting the leader—Bob Avakian—who's shown the way out. We will be there joining with others to fight the power and to bring out the truth... we will be there modeling a different, revolutionary way and organizing people into this revolution... we will be preparing the terrain, the people, and the vanguard for the time when millions can actually be led to bring this whole thing down. We will be there serious as hell—and we're gonna have fun doing it.

Most of all, in everything, we will be projecting the only REAL alternative to the madness and the only REAL way out of it: OVERTHROW, DON'T VOTE FOR, THIS SYSTEM!

And we want you to be there with us.

Make plans now to be in Cleveland and Philly. Get in touch with the Revolution Club in your area, or get in touch with this newspaper. Find out how to be part of this.

And if you can't make it—or even if you can—be part of donating and raising the badly needed funds to publicize it, to get people there, to bring tons of literature and films and get them out, and to make it all happen, either by giving to the Club in your area or giving to RCP Publications to support our coverage and distribution of literature at the conventions. People have been suckered into giving tens of millions of dollars to these fraudulent campaigns—yes, we're talking about Bernie Sanders—and if you who are reading this actually want a genuine alternative out there, you need to be giving, and raising, money for this.


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