A Pleasant Surprise in the Courthouse Bathroom Stalls

June 20, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


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This week, as hundreds and hundreds of people were forced to go to appear at the infamous Criminal Courthouse in their city, they were greeted with the Message from the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party: Time To get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution. Large posters of this message in English and Spanish were up on the lamp poles and light boxes by the train stops and bus stops, along sidewalks from parking lots and on fences all around the area where hundreds and hundreds of people walk past on their way to court as well as those going into other courthouses in the area, to City Hall and other government buildings of injustice. And many, potential friends and foes alike, were surprised on Wednesday of that week , to find these posted inside the doors of every stall in the men’s and women’s bathrooms on almost every floor of the building.

This seems pretty simple to do—looks like someone just taped in advance one English and Spanish print version of the Message together and then rolled up a bunch of them like toilet paper so they could unroll each set quickly and tape it on the door. There are tape dispensers you can buy which you wear on your wrist, and little piece of precut tape can be pulled out quickly and quietly. (Don’t forget to flush the toilet when you are done.)


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