This Whole System Must Be Brought DOWN!!!

OUTRAGEOUS!!!  Pig Who Killed Freddie Gray Walks Totally Free

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June 23, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


For the “crime” of making eye contact with a Baltimore cop and then moving off the scene, Freddie Gray was illegally arrested.  By the time the pigs were done with him, they had cut his spine and put him on his death bed.  And today the court set totally free the main accused cop.

This is the third pig that has walked!  Does this system want us to believe that somehow Freddie Gray murdered himself!?!?!?

No!  This must not go down.  Not on top of the way this system has dealt with Black people for 400 years… not on top of the way this system sets loose its pigs like occupying armies in the Black and Latino communities… not on top of the way this system provides no future for the millions of Freddie Grays—no future beyond constant pig harassment, a life on the streets, and an early death.  This system has absolutely no legitimacy.  A system like this must be brought down, as soon as possible.

We need a real revolution and the Revolutionary Communist Party is, right now, preparing people for that.  And as part of getting ready, the Party calls on people from all walks of life to say HELL NO, right in the streets, right now, in the most powerful possible way to the outrageous whitewash of the murder of Freddie Gray.


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