Baton Rouge Storm Troopers Attack Protesters after March to the State Capitol

July 11, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sunday July 10: Storm troopers from the Baton Rouge Police Department rampaged against hundreds of youthful protesters at the conclusion of a peaceful march to the State Capitol. Armored personnel carriers girded by dozens of riot equipped cops pointing assault rifles blared ear piercing noises and lurched down narrow residential streets lined with cottages. Brutal cops swarmed onto the lawns of people who welcomed protesters, forcing the residents into their homes, and arresting people seeking protection on private property. An unknown number of people were beaten and arrested by the marauders.

The savage murder of Alton Sterling by two Baton Rouge pigs outraged people in this city, and soon across the country, and even internationally. On Sunday evening, people demanding justice for Alton Sterling, declaring that “Black Lives Matter,” were being beaten, arrested, thrown to the ground, dragged by their extremities across pavement, attacked with mace, assaulted by cops carrying automatic weapons, tasered, pursued by armored personnel carriers, and had guns pointed in their face. They were attacked for making the completely legitimate demand for justice.

Shortly before the protest in this area just south of the Louisiana State Capitol building began, Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards gave a press conference. The bulk of Edwards’ comments were thinly veiled threats against the brave people protesting murder and brutality by cop, and gushing praise for the forces of repression Edwards and other political leaders have unleashed. Edwards made the absurd, outrageous, lying claim that the tactics used by Baton Rouge police had been “moderate.”

While he was speaking, guns were being loaded, APC’s gassed up, hierarchies and chains of command and attack among the various gestapo forces hammered out. The attack dogs of the state were preparing yet another assault on people demanding justice for a Black man murdered in cold blood by these same assassins.

The brave youth in Baton Rouge are setting an example of relentless and determined struggle against injustice. The political battle continues, and deepens, in Baton Rouge.

The following Twitter videos show an APC grinding down the street and a courageous woman being attacked for her courageous stand in front of it; and dozens of pigs storming onto the yard of a woman who welcomed the protesters.

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