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Delrawn Small—Shot Dead by Off-Duty Pig in 1 SECOND…Over Traffic Argument!!

July 11, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Delrawn Small
Delrawn Small

Early on Monday, July 4, Delrawn Small, 37-year-old unarmed Black man, was murdered by an off-duty NYPD pig during a traffic incident on a Brooklyn, New York City street. Delrawn Small was driving with his girlfriend and two children when his car reportedly almost crashed with a car driven by an off-duty cop, Wayne Isaacs. At an intersection, Small got out of his car and approached Isaacs’s car. The police originally claimed that Small attacked Isaacs, punching him repeatedly, and the cop fired his gun in “self-defense.”

A video that surfaced a few days later exposes the truth that Small was the victim of a cold-blooded police murder. The video shows Small walk to the cop’s car—and then almost immediately stagger back when he is shot in the head and chest. Clearly, the claim by the pigs that Small had attacked the cop is an outright lie. The cop fired his gun barely a second after Small—who, to repeat, was unarmed—reached his car.

The video shows Delrawn Small stumbling for a few steps after he is hit and then falling down to the ground. The pig gets out of his car, tucking his gun under his shirt as he looks down on the man he just shot down—making no effort to give any aid.

Victor Dempsey, Delrawn Small’s brother, said, “The video is clear as day that shows that everything they told us from the very beginning is a lie. It was a lie, every single thing. And, I don’t know how to feel right now, all I know is that my brother was murdered.”

The New York State Attorney General’s Office announced an “investigation” into the killing. The message is that people should wait for the results and stay “calm” in the meantime. Time’s up on that waiting for the system’s justice shit! Delrawn Small is yet another Black man whose life was stolen by the police.

This horror must stop, and it will take a revolution, nothing less, to do that by finally putting an end to the system that’s the cause of this horror and all the others humanity has to endure. And right now, everyone who is outraged and sickened by murder after murder by the system’s police—and those pigs getting away with it time after time—need to rise up to demand:

Justice for Delrawn Small!

Police Getting Away with Murder Must STOP!



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