Reality Check:
Really Think the Federal Government Is Your Friend?

July 15, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |



They tell Black people to rely on the federal government to protect their rights.

Now, let’s see.

Do they mean the same federal government that would not give loans to Black homebuyers before and after World War 2 while they financed millions of white homebuyers, and thereby intensified segregation and discrimination?

Do they mean the same federal government whose FBI spied on, conspired against, spread lies and rumors about, blackballed, blackmailed, persecuted and unjustly prosecuted, plotted to murder (and carried through with murder) Black radicals and revolutionaries from Paul Robeson to Malcolm X to Harry Belafonte to Fred Hampton and beyond, and even Black reformers like Dr. Martin Luther King?

Do they mean the same federal government whose Department of Justice not only has refused to prosecute in cases from Sean Bell to Trayvon Martin to Tamir Rice, but went so far as to issue a long report whitewashing and justifying the murder of Michael Brown?

Do they mean the same federal government that withheld loans from Black farmers in the South while lavishly subsidizing white planters with massive holdings, thereby driving independent Black farmers off the land?

Well, last time we looked there was only ONE federal government, so that must be the one.

Any other ideas?

OK, how about this one: overthrowing this system and bringing in a totally new state power, dedicated to wiping out ALL forms of oppression and exploitation—and organizing today for that revolution to happen at the soonest possible time!


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