Question: What Do Trump, the Christian Fascists and the Islamic Fundamentalist Jihadists All Have in Common?
Answer: Utter, Blatant Misogyny.

July 16, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Each of these movements uses misogyny, the hatred of women, as an organizing and cohering tool for their movements. Each taps into and aggravates a feeling that is bred into males—no, it is not “natural”—to think it’s their right to lord it over women in general and at least one woman in particular.

The religious fanatics drape their hatred in pious quotes from the Bible and Koran. Trump prefers the leering, sneering posture of the frat boy and the batterer, moronically bragging about his dick and menacingly calling women gross names. But whatever the outward difference, they each appeal to men in a changing world that here is one place where THEY can be an oppressor. Men who fall for this shameful appeal to privilege (and women who, for whatever reason, go along with it) need to be confronted with just what that means in human terms, just how simultaneously vile and pathetic that is, and they need to be sharply challenged to break with that shit and in fact join the fight against it.

As for Trump and the system that spawned him? This, too, makes resoundingly clear that any system which treats someone like this as a legitimate candidate is itself totally IL-legitimate!


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