July 19—Republican National Convention Cleveland:

Confronting the Fascist Law & Order Convention

July 19, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Carl Dix and Cornel West at press conference calling for ongoing protest against police brutality and murder. (Photo: Sunsara Taylor ‏@SunsaraTaylor) Carl Dix and Cornel West at press conference calling for ongoing protest against police brutality and murder.
(Photo: Sunsara Taylor ‏@SunsaraTaylor)

Video of noon march (cleveland.com)

Video, 4 pm (@ JaxAlemany)

11am: a powerful press conference was held in downtown Cleveland near the entrance to the convention zone, calling for ongoing protest against police terror and murder. Cornel West; Carl Dix; two mothers whose sons were murdered by police, Gloria Pinex and Alicia Kirkman; the Revolution Club; and others spoke. It was also announced that the notorious flagburner Joey Johnson would burn an American flag at 4 pm on Wednesday. Afterward the Revolution Club formed up and took off on a spirited march right toward the entrance of the convention, winding their way through streets filled with delegates, media and assorted reactionaries and many others, doing bold agitation polarizing the whole situation. Delegates came out and they were chanting “America,” “USA, USA, USA.” The Club countered with “America Was Never Great” and other chants.

At 4 pm, Carl Dix, Cornel West, the Revolution Club and others opposed to police terror gathered at Cleveland Public Square for a rally: PROTESTING MURDER BY POLICE IS RIGHTEOUS & VERY NECESSARY! It was a wild scene. In addition to the core of demonstrators, there were pigs, media, reactionaries as well as many anti-Trump activists from a wide range of groups and perspectives. After a spirited speak-out, which included people from the crowd, the Revolution Club led around 100 people on a march through downtown Cleveland. The march grew as it went forward, electrifying many, and drawing a lot of media coverage from here and around the world.

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