Hey, Sarah Silverman—Wanna Know What Is REALLY Ridiculous?

July 26, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us



Actually? When you think about it, there was no end of really ridiculous shit going on last night, spilling out all over the place. Like telling people to get behind and support a repeat war criminal and mass incarcerator in the name of "being realistic." Or like thinking that anything good could come out of a party that is desperately and openly fighting to present itself as the best defender and enforcer for the American empire. Or Cory Booker and then Michele Obama casting American history—from its genocidal beginnings to the genocidal program of mass incarceration today, from its original invasion of this land to its invasions all over the planet, murdering millions and going right down to the "fight against terrorism" today, endorsed by BOTH parties, which has laid further waste to the Middle East and North Africa (and done nothing but stoke "terrorism")—as some kind of march to freedom from the "greatest country on earth." What is ridiculous is talking this shit as if this country wasn't built on exploitation and plunder... and as if everything it does, here and around the world, is not based on defending and extending the empire it built based on that.

What's maybe not so ridiculous as it is really kind of sad but also disgusting, is watching people like you who were once maybe striving for something better reduced to shilling for cold criminals with good manners and decent acting chops.

What would not be ridiculous at all but really quite important would be for those who were once "Bernie people" to refuse the illegitimate framework that makes you choose between an outright fascist and an oh-so-accomplished war criminal and mass incarcerator. What would NOT be ridiculous and instead pretty serious would be if those bitterly disappointed people who refused to swallow the bullshit continued to follow their convictions out to where they lead. What would NOT be ridiculous, but actually very important, would be those people who were used and played and are now being insulted checking out where the injustices, inequities and crimes that drew them to Bernie Sanders actually come from, and how they are built into this system. What would not be ridiculous but something that would bear on the whole future of the planet would be those people, and millions like them, finding out what an ACTUAL revolution would mean and what it would take and how it could be possible. And what definitely would NOT be ridiculous at all but in fact is the very next step would be those people holding onto their best and highest aspirations and on that basis getting into the work of the leader who has actually done the real work on all these questions, Bob Avakian.


There really is a basis for meeting the needs of humanity... there is a blueprint for a revolutionary society that could set about overcoming all exploitation and oppression... and there is a strategy for doing this. What would be ridiculous, and actually pretty unconscionable, would be refusing to check this out.


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