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Mein Trumpf—Fangs Bared

July 21, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


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Donald Trump promised revenge to the resentful, restoration of unchallenged white supremacy to the racists, and unchallengeable U.S. power to the American chauvinists. Donald Trump demonized immigrants and those who end up in the crosshairs of the police, and he demonized those who fight for justice and change. Donald Trump promised the sky to the gullible among the oppressed. And all he asks of those who follow him is this: OBEY. Obey Trump, and obey his enforcers. Or face the consequences (which as Trump has made clear elsewhere includes torture, the death penalty, and no rights at all for Black and other oppressed people facing the street corner judge-jury-executioner in police uniform).

And why should you trust him? Because Donald Trump has risen to the top of the "shark tank," he has proven himself to be "successful"—that is, a merciless, lying, grasping hustler in this capitalist system that rewards nothing so much as the ability to exploit other human beings.

This is fascism, fangs bared. It isn't new—it's the speech he's been giving the whole time. And it isn't something that somehow cannot win—Trump taps into deep veins in the American psyche at a time when the American system has run into deep problems and when those who rule that capitalist-imperialist system are bitterly divided over what to do about it.

Yet even with this speech—even with Trump's delivery that nakedly oozed arrogant hatred and thrilled his audience by doing so—none of the major TV commentators and none of the opposing politicians dared to call it by its rightful name. Even those who sternly criticized it as "authoritarian" refused to call out the essential illegitimacy of a system that would put someone like THIS forward as a major candidate. And most of them criticized him for painting America as "too dark." Are you fucking kidding? America IS a hellhole! And Trump is clever enough and cynical enough and fucking hypocritical enough to mention the fact that Black children have a poverty rate of over 40%, that people in the ghettos and barrios cannot get jobs, that whole sections of the country are rotting out, and that large numbers of white workers and poor, as well as middle class people, are dealing with mounting misery. He points people in the entirely wrong direction as to the solution and he distorts the character of the problem to make America the victim rather than the reality that America and its foul, people-destroying system is the culprit—but the problem, dear liberals, is not that "things are not really that bad."

Nor is the solution Hillary Clinton, who herself is a mass murderer overseas and mass incarcerator at home. Hillary Clinton is a walking exposure of the character of liberalism, from her role in the first Clinton and then Obama administrations to today: ending welfare and casting millions into even deeper poverty, expanding the prisons and cutting out legal rights and resources for the masses, voting for one war after another in the Middle East and unlimited support for Israeli aggression… this is the alternative?


No. Hell no. None of the REAL problems we face—the wrenching and utterly unjust and relentless murders of Black and Latino and Native American people by the police, and the whole genocidal direction those enforce; the constant degradation of and attacks on women, including their right to control their own reproduction; the demonization and persecution of immigrants; the wars of plunder and military aggression carried out or sponsored by the U.S. all over the world; and the despoliation and destruction of the environment—NONE of these can be solved short of revolution. These are all BUILT INTO the functioning of this system. This is why despite all the protests, despite all the sacrifices, despite the airtight cases and reasonable arguments, the oppression and misery goes on and nothing fundamental changes.

The solution is not more of the same. The solution is NOT Hillary Clinton. The real crimes she carries out are those of enforcing this system and again—it is this SYSTEM that is the source of all the problems. The solution is revolution, and a whole new system, aimed at eliminating exploitation and all the many forms of oppression that reinforce that exploitation. And, as we said earlier this week, this revolution

is not something that is only conceivable in a far-off distant future. The rulers of this country openly talk of how the center may not hold and refer to “faultlines” in the social fabric. The basis for a revolution exists in the contradictions of this society. Moreover – and this is the most important point – there is a leader of this revolution, Bob Avakian, who has done the work to develop a strategy to actually build up the forces to lead the millions necessary to make such a revolution, a strategy that could win such a revolution when the time came for the all-out attempt to seize power, and a blueprint and road map for a new society aiming to do away with exploitation and every form of oppression once victory has been won. No, the time is not yet here, but yes, the time is here to very urgently work on the developing conditions to bring forward the situation where such a revolution could be made – with a real chance of winning.

If you are really serious – serious about revolution and serious about winning and getting to a whole new world – then the time is now to get with this revolution.



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