Chicago Pigs Murder Paul O’Neal: Shot in the Back for Driving Away

August 1, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal

The night of July 28, 18-year-old Paul O’Neal was executed on the streets by Chicago cops.

What was Paul O’Neal’s “crime” that warranted an instantaneous death sentence? Police admit that no gun was found at the scene. O’Neal was shot in the back because he drove away from a traffic stop.

The Chicago Police Department admits that this shooting violates its own regulations, which prohibit officers from shooting at moving vehicles if no weapons are being used against them. The medical examiner’s report ruled this a homicide and revealed that O’Neal had been shot in the back.

In an already tense situation—where the CPD faces continuing protest against the epidemic of police murder, including the outrageous murder of Laquan McDonald and the scandal about the police cover-up, the CPD had to do something to try and put a lid on people’s anger. The CPD “relieved” the three cops involved in the shooting of their “police powers” and assigned them to administrative positions, pending an investigation. This is now being billed as part of the effort to “build trust between the community and the police.” But this is bullshit! These killer pigs need to be indicted, convicted, and sent to jail!

The Chicago pigs changed their stated policy on the use of deadly force with regard to moving vehicles in February 2015, after Antwon Golatte was shot multiple times by Chicago cops when he drove off after they tried to stop him. But as we can see, this policy doesn’t stop the pigs from shooting and killing people who very understandably may fear for their life when stopped by the cops, and drive away. How many “routine traffic stops” of Black people end up with a dead Black person?

July 19, 2015: Samuel DuBose is pulled over by a University of Cincinnati cop for a missing license plate; the cop pulls out a gun, sticks it inside the car window and shoots DuBose point blank in the head. The cops says DuBose tried to run him over with his car, a video shows this to be a complete lie. April 4, 2015: Walter Scott is pulled over by a cop in North Charleston, South Carolina, supposedly for a broken taillight. When Scott runs away the cop kills him, shooting him several times in the back. July 6, 2016: Philando Castile in Minnesota is supposedly stopped for a broken taillight, notifies the cops that he’s licensed to carry a handgun and is reaching for his wallet; a cop shoots him dead. The list, which now includes Paul O’Neal, could go on and on and on....

Protesting Murder and Terror by the Police Is Absolutely Righteous and Necessary!
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