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27 July 2016 
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July 28: Joey Johnson, Carl Dix, and the Revolution Club will publicly burn the U.S. flag in Philadelphia for the culmination of the DNC

6 p.m., July 28 
Broad St. & Pattison Ave., Philly
outside Wells Fargo Center, final night of DNC

As a powerful statement that “America was NEVER great,” and to expose their view that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are, “Criminal choices of a criminal system that must be overthrown,” notorious flag-burner Joey Johnson, revolutionary communist leader Carl Dix, and the Revolution Club will burn the U.S. flag in Philadelphia for the culmination of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

“Hillary's 'concern' for Black people is as fraudulent as Trump University,” said Carl Dix, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party and leader in the fight against murder by police, “and she is neck-deep in war crimes against the people of Iraq, Libya and beyond. She, like that Nazi Donald Trump, represents a system that we should not vote for, but need to overthrow.”

Burning the U.S. flag is a constitutionally protected right, protected political speech. But like most rights in this country, this was hard fought for. Specifically, 32 years ago, Joey Johnson faced the threat of a year in prison for burning the U.S. flag at the RNC in Dallas Texas during the second campaign of Ronald Reagan. He fought these charges all the way up to the Supreme Court – Texas v. Johnson, and won, overturning anti-flag burning laws in 48 states and securing the right to burn the U.S. flag.

Like other rights in this country, the right to burn the flag is frequently violated by police and other authorities. As recently as last week, Joey Johnson was held in a chokehold by police when he and 16 others were beaten, sprayed with chemicals and illegally arrested and detained for burning the U.S. flag outside the RNC in an act of non-violent political protest.

On Thursday, July 28, Joey Johnson, Carl Dix, and the Revolution Club will publicly burn the US flag. They are strategizing with attorneys, and legal, civil liberties and protest organizations to ensure that their rights are not violated.

Joey Johnson and Carl Dix are available for interviews. 646 450 4701



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