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The "Mighty Mighty Revcoms"—Hotter Than July

August 1, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


It's the middle of summer—and these past two months have seen the Revolution Club projecting and organizing for an actual revolution at the political conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia... at protests against police terror and murder in Baton Rouge and Baltimore... and in other cities and situations. On this page are photos and captions about some of what the Revolution Club has been doing so far this summer.

Revolution requires organization: the Revolution Club is where you get organized to fight the power today to STOP the horrors of the system, and to transform the people, FOR REVOLUTION. Revolution requires a scientific approach: the Revolution Club is where you learn BA's new synthesis of communism, and how to apply it to solve the challenges we face.

The Revolution Club moves boldly and it moves wisely, up in the face of the enemy, projecting revolution into every corner of society.

—From "Time To Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution, Message from the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA"


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As the eyes of the world were on the fascist Republican National Convention (RNC), Revolution Club volunteers from around the country came to Cleveland to project revolution and fight for a completely different future from what was represented by Trump (and by proven war criminal Hillary Clinton and the Democrats). They were strong, determined, and defiant in the face of massive police mobilization, arrests, and brutality at the hands of the pigs, and Nazi and Christian fundamentalist fanatics. They went into the neighborhoods of the oppressed, led people into the streets, and went fearlessly into the thick of the RNC fascist shit show with the message: "America was NEVER great—we need to OVERTHROW this system!" Above: Revolution Club marching in Cleveland, July 18. Photo: Special to


The Revolution Club stands for two basic principles: Humanity Needs Revolution and Communism, and Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution. Photo: Revolution Club in the streets in South Central L.A. on June 27 to answer the call to say HELL, NO! to the outrageous verdicts exonerating the pigs who murdered Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Photo: Special to


The Revolution Club on July 7 in New York City, in a march demanding justice for Alton Sterling (murdered by pigs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and Philando Castile (murdered by pigs in St. Paul, Minnesota). Photo: Special to


After the horrific massacre on June 12 of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, by a gunman claiming allegiance to ISIS, the U.S. capitalist-imperialist rulers tried to direct the fear, anguish, and righteous anger of the people into support for repressive anti-immigrant, pro-U.S. empire shit. In this situation, the Revolution Club went into many corners of society, including people newly stirred into political life, with the Message from the RCP Central Committee—to plant a pole of a radically different future... digging beneath the surface of things to get to the common source of the many, seemingly disconnected, outrages of this system. Above: Getting out the Message at Pride in San Francisco, June 26. Photo: Special to


The Message from the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, "Time To Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution," begins: "The Revolutionary Communist Party IS ORGANIZING NOW TO OVERTHROW THIS SYSTEM AT THE SOONEST POSSIBLE TIME. Preparing to lead an actual revolution to bring about a radically new and better society: the New Socialist Republic in North America." The Revolution Club got this Message out broadly in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention and in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention (DNC). They went deep into the neighborhoods of the oppressed and among the protests involving different forces. Above: People getting into the Message during the DNC in Philadelphia, July 25. Photo: Special to


July 20—in the face of the bared fangs of fascism at the Republican National Convention, and surrounded by a horde of cops and fascist lunatics, Joey Johnson, backed up by members of the Revolution Club, set aflame the U.S. flag. This electrifying protest went straight up against the rulers' attempts to condition people to "choose" between fascists claiming they want to "make America great again" and the "oh-so-reasonable" war criminals of the Democratic Party who say America is "already great." As Joey declared just before burning the flag: "1, 2, 3, 4—Slavery, Genocide, and War! 5, 6, 7, 8—America Was NEVER Great! We're here today to stand with people of the world! We're taking a stand against this imperialist Republican National Convention. Donald Trump is an open fascist. Hillary Clinton is a proven war criminal. We're not following either one of their leaders. Donald Trump's message of 'America first' is a fascist message of control over people of the world to wage unending war, to exploit people all over the planet. America No. 1? America first? It always has been first: at genocide, at slavery, at exploitation, of destruction of the environment, of torture, of coup d'etats, of invasions. We're standing here with the people of the world today." Photo: Special to



When Joey Johnson burned the U.S. flag, the pigs quickly struck back. A mob of pigs assaulted the ring of Revolution Club members around Joey, sprayed people with chemical flame retardant, and piled on top of Joey, putting him in a chokehold. Joey and 16 others were arrested, and they face serious and outrageous charges. They were kept in jail for hours and denied food and medical treatment—illegal preventative detention to keep them off the streets during the final day of the RNC. After being held in jail for more than 24 hours, Joey and others held a rally outside the jail and immediately led people back into the fray, marching through streets while Trump was being crowned as the fascist candidate. Photo: Special to


Revolution Club burning the U.S. flag in Los Angeles. Photo: Special to


Carl Dix (left), of the Revolutionary Communist Party, with some Revolution Club members in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, July 8. The pig murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, followed by the pig murder of Philando Castile in Minnesota the very next day, along with all the other continuing murders by police and the exonerations of the killer pigs—point to the reality that this system will not and cannot stop the horror of terror by police and the savage oppression of Black people. As people righteously got into the streets to demand justice, Carl Dix and members of the Revolution Club were in Baton Rouge to bring the message that the RCP is organizing for an actual revolution at the soonest possible time, and as a crucial part of that, joining with and encouraging people to continue to fight the power. Photo: Special to


In Cleveland during the RNC, the Revolution Club went into the housing projects, connecting people with the Message from the RCP Central Committee and the leadership of Bob Avakian (BA). They showed video clips of BA speaking and got down deeply with people about what the real problem and solution is, the leadership that exists for an actual revolution, organizing for revolution right now... and the people's role in all this. Above: Cleveland, July 18. Photo: Special to


The week after the Republican National Convention, the Revolution Club was in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. They fought for the understanding that Trump vs. Clinton is nothing but criminal choices of a criminal system. They called out to people: We Need to Overthrow, Not Vote For, This System! On the last day of the DNC, Joey Johnson and the Revolution Club once again burned the American flag that stands for the U.S. empire and the countless crimes it has committed and continues to carry out around the world. Photo: Special to


As their Mission Statement says: "The Revolution Club digs into and spreads the work of BA [Bob Avakian], and defends his leadership." A Revolution Club member, with a copy of BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, connecting people with BA and his leadership. Photo: Special to


Revolution Club members marching in Baltimore. The exoneration of the Baltimore pigs who murdered Freddie Gray is yet another example of how the role of the police is not to serve the people but to serve the system that viciously exploits and oppresses the people. When people rise up against the outrages like police terror, their actions could—with a stronger revolutionary force in the midst—bring into sharper relief the illegitimacy of the whole system and bring to life for people that there is a strategy, movement, and leadership for an actual revolution at the soonest possible time. Photo: Special to

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