Shitstorm Over the Nasty-ful Anthem Spreads … Dive In! Take it Higher!

September 13, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


KPIX (CBS-TV in SF Bay Area) coverage of controversy over Colin Kaepernick included this.
KPIX (CBS TV in the San Francisco Bay) online coverage of controversy over Colin Kaepernick and others not standing for the national anthem included Top 10 Reasons to Sit Down for the Nasty-full Anthem –#sitdownfortherag.

KCBS TV coverage of controversy over Colin Kaepernick and others not standing for the national anthem includes an interview with Joey Johnson who burned the American flag at the Republi-fascist convention that nominated Trump.

The first week of NFL football, the real story was not who won or lost. Something way more important was going on. At least a dozen NFL players joined San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in either refusing to stand for the nasty-ful anthem, or in responding with defiant fists–often with black gloves–inspired by the historic protest staged by Tommy Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics.

The website for CBS news in the Bay Area, reported that one fan heading for the 49ers game said of Kaepernick’s protest: “I ain’t going to stand with them. I’m going to kneel with him. We go through police brutality, you know what I mean? We lose people every day to police brutality.”

And CBS coverage of the first game of the season included: “Activists with the Revolutionary Communist Party were handing out flyers at the Santa Clara Caltrain station encouraging those attending the game to keep their seats during the anthem. The flyer, which was topped by the title ‘Top 10 Reasons to Sit Down for the Nasty-full Anthem –#sitdownfortherag,’ offered a list of alleged wrongdoings committed by the United States dating back to the 1800s right up through modern times.”

And KCBS TV coverage included an interview with Joey Johnson, who burned the American flag with the Revolution Club at the Republi-fascist convention that nominated Trump.

And in all levels of sports, all around the country, the shitstorm continues and spreads (see more coverage here). Now is the time to go to these events and get out “The Top 10 Reasons to Sit Down for the Nasty-full Anthem—#sitdownfortherag” and critically relevant BA quotes. If people are acting, talk to them, listen and engage. Take action yourself. Join or provoke the debate—and take it further. Get out to high school football games and stir shit up! Do like the Revolution Club in Chicago did: give people the opportunity to walk on the red, white and blue rag and speak out about why. Bring Bob Avakian’s Invitation to people—and ways for them to take it up. Take the Message from the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party—and put out the challenge, and the possibility, of REAL revolution.

In short: dive into the controversy... and take it further. And send reports and correspondence on the experience to


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