Charlotte Pigs Murder Keith Lamont Scott—People Take to the Streets

September 20, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled Black man, was murdered by Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina police tonight. He was 43. Police say they shot him while serving a warrant on someone else. The victim’s brother says Keith Lamont Scott was holding a book, not a gun, and was just waiting on his son to be dropped off after school. Scott’s daughter, identified on Facebook as Lyric YourAdorable Scott, found out that her father was dead via the news. She went live on Facebook from the scene of the murder to demand justice. As we post this, defiant angry people are in the streets of Charlotte demanding justice.

Demanding justice for Keith Lamont Scott in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, late night September 20. Credit: @WBTV_News




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