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September 22, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Charlotte, NC
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To all those fronting for the system who, when people rise up to defend themselves against the murderous violence of the police, always say “violence isn’t the answer”:

Fuck you! Why don’t you tell that to the murdering pigs!? Why don’t you tell that to the U.S. Marines?! Why don’t you tell that to your air force that just murdered 83 Syrians—and your military who’s inflicted so much violence on the whole Middle East that it’s been the main driver of 65 million refugees fleeing their homes in fear!? We’ll tell you why—because for this system, reactionary murderous violence IS the answer, the only answer they’ve got to the horrors inflicted on humanity!

Up against all your violence and repression, the masses most definitely have the right to defend themselves! And while it is not the whole “answer”—which is a revolution to get rid of this system of exploitation which that violence enforces, and a whole new world without exploitation and oppression—righteously standing up against the violent suppression carried out by the powers-that-be is very definitely a part of the answer.



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