Flash: Revolution Club Members & Others Arrested in South Central LA Protesting Murder By Police of "CJ" Snell, Jr.

October 3, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Update Tuesday October 4:
All were released last night after much misinformation and dragging out the process.  Thank you to everyone who made calls for the release of the Revolution Club members and friends and family of CJ Snell.  More reporting to come soon on ongoing protests.


FLASH: Two members of the Revolution Club in Los Angeles and two other people were arrested in South Central protesting the murder by police of Carnell “CJ” Snell, Jr.

Call the 77th Precinct to demand their immediate release 213.473.9308 and contribute to the bail fund HERE.

People righteously took the streets for the second night in a row. CJ was 18 years old, shot in the back five times as he was running away from murderous pigs. Witnesses say he had his hands up and that he was alive for 20 minutes with an ambulance nearby which the pigs wouldn't let through. They wouldn't even let his mom near her son's dead body.

The Revolution Club has been out in the streets, uniting with friends and family, activists and others from all over the city. We've been standing together as we took the streets, stayed in the streets and refused to back down in the face of an army of LAPD and sheriff pigs with batons out, helicopters above, bean bag rifles in hand. We've been getting out the message, How We Can Win—How We Can Really Make Revolution.

We waged a lot of struggle about the role of the police among people in the neighborhood. Even as there's a deep anger, there's confusion about what the police actually represent. We pointed to the Stolen Lives banner and talked with people about where the genocide against Black and Brown people comes from, why it can't be ended within the system and why this system needs to be overthrown... that it will take an actual revolution and this—pointing to the new statement—is how we win. These got in a lot of hands and we got more deeply with people who are serious... and let people know we'd be back tomorrow to go even more deeply.

Some of us hit the ground in South Central coming directly from the protests in San Diego against the murder of Alfred Olango (more on this to come)... and as we were in the streets, the pigs murdered another man in South Central, just a few miles away. His name hasn't been announced yet but he was a young Latino man and a witness said he had his arms down, and they killed him with no warning.

The LAPD—along with pigs across the country—are on a fucking rampage and it's truly time and past time that we get organized for an actual revolution... and that's what we're in the streets to do.



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