5 Things You Can Do to Spread THE NEW COMMUNISM Everywhere

October 6, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us



Insight Press, the publisher of Bob Avakian’s THE NEW COMMUNISM, has put out a list of 5 things everyone can do to spread this historic new work EVERYWHERE in society and change the way that millions think about the possibility of a real revolution to emancipate humanity. What happens at the book launch events for THE NEW COMMUNISM needs to be spread wave after wave.

At the October 8th launch/simulcast events in New York and other cities people will be getting organized to do this. There will be special tables with materials where you can volunteer to:

  • get everyone you know to buy and read THE NEW COMMUNISM
  • spread awareness about the book everywhere
  • start a wave of Amazon reviews of the book
  • get the book into bookstores and libraries

Already we have gotten reports (and we need more at revcom.us and Insight Press) of people taking rack cards and palm cards for the book to bookstores in campus areas, for example, and having the bookstore manager order the book on the spot. This needs to be multiplied and spread into many areas of society.

If the book becomes available, and prominently displayed, in hundreds of bookstores and other shops where books are sold or people congregate...

If it is in libraries in a wide variety of neighborhoods...

If it could be found on campuses, in areas of political and intellectual ferment, in neighborhoods where Black and Brown people and immigrants live..

Then many thousands will come in contact with and engage BA and THE NEW COMMUNISM for the first time. And that will be a really big deal.

Take up these 5 Things... and let Insight Press and revcom.us know what you are doing and learning.



Volunteers Needed... for revcom.us and Revolution

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