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The Debate, the Polarization, and the Real Challenge

October 10, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


1) Donald Trump in all his dimensions (the racism, the hatred of immigrants, pig-at-the-trough ethos, mendacity, general glorying in ignorance and utter disregard for the truth, etc.) is a perfect embodiment of American capitalism. The tapes that have been released and which he admitted making—tapes which are putrid expressions of American rape culture and which openly brag about habitual sexual assault—are right in line with that. But this is not new. This is part of a package, no matter how much all these Republicans who are now trying to scrub the filth off them would like to pretend otherwise.

2) Trump was brought forward by, legitimized and finally made one of the two major candidates by the rulers of this SYSTEM. The phenomenon of Trump is part of an overall effort to give legitimacy to the openly racist, fascist, patriarchal ranting. In looking at the debate of October 9, Trump—from his threats to imprison Clinton to his thuggish body language—has now apparently decided to double-down on this.

3) Clinton herself is a longtime representative of this criminal system. She has been in on every crime of the last 25 years carried out by these imperialists, and masterminded some of them—from mass incarceration and the militarization of the police to the wars in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa that have taken the lives of millions and driven tens of millions from their homes and often from their homelands. To call this an alternative would be a joke if it were not so destructive to any hope for a better future.

4) That these are the “choices” before the people shows that this system is UTTERLY BANKRUPT and ILLEGITIMATE, that there is nothing in this for the masses of people either worldwide or within this country, and that we need to overthrow this at the soonest possible time, not vote for it.

5) The fact that this election has now developed into such a vicious and polarized fight carries great challenges—including greatly heightened repression against the masses of people and the revolutionary forces. But this heightening clash also carries the real possibility of open conflict between different forces in the ruling class. Such conflict can be a necessary part of developing towards a revolutionary situation—a time when people in their tens of millions are jolted into political life and in which, if the movement for revolution has built its influence and organization during times like now, the real possibility of an actual struggle of millions for power can come on the agenda. At such a time—and leading up to that time—it is critical that we not fall in behind one side or another of the oppressive rulers, but take advantage of this situation to build up the forces of revolution.

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