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Revcom.us received the following from the Get Into the Revolution National Organizing Tour which they are using to mobilize in Chicago for the rally they are holding this Saturday.  But the approaches and concrete forms of organization and entry-level tasks for new recruits to the revolution can be learned from and replicated by Revolution Clubs around the country.

Five Day Plan to Build October 29th Rally as a Real Advance in Getting Organized for Revolution—spreading revolution and recruiting new forces in everything we do

(working document, October 25th)


The world is a horror for humanity.  Only revolution that overthrows capitalism-imperialism can put an end to this horror.  This system can be beat!  We have the leadership, strategy, and vision to make that real.  Through the Get Into the Revolution Organizing Tour we are bringing forward and organizing the new forces to make this revolution at the soonest possible time.  We are traveling the entire country so that we will have a real chance to win.

This week, we must make a real advance in Chicago—drawing forward those who desperately need this revolution as well as others from different strata and organizing them into this revolution now.

Above all—succeeding in this plan will require being as bold, daring and disdainful about everything represented by the ruling system and its ways of thinking as the mission of total revolution is.  It will require boldly agitating and representing with revolutionary authority for the future we are fighting for and the real-world strategy we have and are acting on now to make it real—including the mission and national scope of this Tour.  It will require introducing people to and broadly popularizing our leader, Bob Avakian.  It will require directly challenging people to get into this now—applying Enriched What Is to Be Done-ism and leading masses of people to greatness.  It will require fierce ideological struggle on the basis of revealing and leading people to grasp the real problem and the real solution.


October 29th must draw forward a significant critical mass of people from the key neighborhoods and campuses we have identified, enough to signal a real qualitative and quantitative advance of this revolution taking root.  A real core of people need to be inducted into the Revolution Club on this day, on the basis of actually having done the work to make this leap into the revolution.  Broader ranks of people need to be present—from among the most oppressed and new people we are meeting, but also reaching back to everyone the Party and Club has worked with in this area to step up and support (folks who went to the Dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian, to Rise Up October, folks we've worked with in other efforts like World Can't Wait and others).  And, the eyes of many more people in each of the key areas of concentration (as well as others more broadly) need to be watching what goes down, so that the impact of this rally impacts far beyond those in attendance.

In the key areas identified, step up the presence and assertion of revolutionary authority:

  • Revolution Club marching through, posting up when the pigs harass our people, agitating and bringing alive the future we are fighting for, the leadership we have in BA, the strategy to make this real, and how people can and need to step into this revolution right now.  New people need to be recruited into the Club, drilling and marching in formation, learning the chants, and representing together with the Club right away.
  • Word of this revolution needs to be spreading everywhere.  If posters get torn down, they need to be up again the next day.  Revolutionary communist propaganda needs to be popping up on the walls all over—particularly the “HOW WE CAN WIN” poster and posters about O29.  This needs to be persistent and daring enough to inspire and lift the sights of our people, and to distress and worry the oppressors.  This is the first task of everyone getting involved in this revolution: take posters and pamphlets, get an assignment of where to distribute, and report back.
  • The Revolution Clubs need to be alert and ready to go to the frontlines of every new outrage and crime of this system, and every uprising and eruption of struggle among the masses of people.  There must be phone-trees, someone monitoring events every day, and people ready to go and represent in the REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! t-shirts.  New people need to be part of this from the start.


Recruitment into the Clubs must get focused attention in the furnace of the next four days—even as we push out even more boldly and even more broadly.  Recruitment involves people stepping up now to join WITH US in the tasks of the revolution detailed above, and going through basic ideological training WITH US.

This ideological training is rooted in: the “Time to Get Organized For an ACTUAL Revolution” statement in full (including, but not limited to, the “Points of Attention”), the “HOW WE CAN WIN” statement, and the first quote of each chapter of BAsics.

New recruits need to carry out assignments to build this revolution and sit down and work their way through these key materials together with their recruiter.

On O29 they will be inducted together with others.  On this day, as well, a new rung of people will be called forward to turn in their applications and begin the process of recruitment.  The need for people to be readying themselves to join the Party in the future needs to be popularized as part of this process.


Coming off the 29th, the expanded and strengthened Club needs to go back out into the areas where this rally was built for, making their expanded organization felt and drawing forward yet more forces.

At the same time, a strategic view towards the greater area needs to be developed by the Party and Clubs so that this revolution is expanding and building organization in all the areas that will be necessary with the future struggle for power in mind.  Everyone joining this revolution needs to have this strategic view of the future in mind and be given the vision—and responsibility—in making the necessary advances towards this.  This fits in with giving everyone a sense of the national scope of this tour (and recruiting new people to go on future legs of the tour for training and to contribute).




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