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65 Defiant Days at Revolution Books: Talks, Dialogue, & Culture

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As Donald Trump assembles a dangerous leading core of outright bigots, white supremacists, xenophobes, and misogynists—what is taking shape is nothing less than the beginning of a fascist regime. This must be understood. This must be resisted. It must be stopped.

Five days after the election... Revolution Books New York called for 65 days of urgent programming. To dig into why this fascist has been elected president; what is fascism; what are the roots and present-day reality of the vicious demonization and oppression of Black people, immigrants, women, and LGBT persons. To get into what are the truly dangerous implications for the people of the world. To identify and get to the root of the denial of science and truth, and the whole Christian fascist program and social base that is now cohered in the Trump-Pence package.

65 Days of excavating the roots of the real horrors Trump’s “Make America Great” fascist program and the historical precedents of fascism. There will be exploration, discussion, and debate about what must be done NOW to STOP this, and what this new situation tells us about the necessity, possibility, and desirability of an actual revolution.

In the weeks to come... Historians and scholars who have analyzed fascism historically and currently will give talks. Voices of conscience and resistance, progressive clergy, journalists, essayists, and novelists will be invited to speak. There will be presentations and exchanges on Bob Avakian’s writings on fascism and the origins of the fascist movement in the history of America and the workings of this system, and fighting the imposition of the Trump regime’s program from the perspective of preparing the ground for revolution. There will be roundtable discussions, film showings, poetry and music of resistance and revolution. RB will be the resource to find the relevant books to read and study.

Wednesday, December 14

Colson Whitehead, reading from The Underground Railroad
The 2016 National Book Award Winner in a Special Appearance during the “65 Defiant Days at Revolution Books”

These are times to raise people’s understanding and determination—to build very broad unity and fan resistance everywhere to refuse to accept a fascist America, to not conciliate, accommodate, or collaborate with this direction. And, at the same time, we will invite people to discuss and engage the new communism developed by Bob Avakian and to become a part of the movement for an actual revolution.

And so we announce and invite all who care about the fate of humanity to join in... 65 Defiant Days at Revolution Books!

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