Important Update from Revcoms at Standing Rock

November 12, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


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Friday, November 11. This afternoon, several news media outlets released articles stating, “The Obama administration is set to approve the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline project to begin as early as the beginning of next week.” The original article came from a source reporting for Politico and was picked up by The Hill and The Daily Beast. According to the articles, there are reports that the approval is “related to the election of Republican nominee Donald Trump who would eventually approve the project anyhow.” And the Daily Beast reported, “The announcement, however, is expected to escalate conflicts at the Dakota Access protest site, which may lead the Obama administration to postpone its decision until later next week.”

Less than an hour later, the Obama administration came back denying this, with an administration official stating, “The process is ongoing and no decisions have been made.”

These updates are coming just hours after about 40 people were arrested among a group of about 100 protesters who entered a DAPL construction site and allegedly damaged equipment and ran some DAPL workers off the site.

So even as there are people here who are NOT in a mood to sit by as this pipeline continues to go through, these updates indicate that this system has some serious problems on its hands, sorting out how to go forward with this pipeline, as more people continue to arrive at the encampment to support the Standing Rock Sioux, and masses of people, night after night, have continued to take to the streets around the country opposing Trump, chanting “Not Our President!”

All this further emphasizes the need for what is being called for in “We Refuse To Accept a Fascist America.” What people do NOW matters a great deal, and could determine the direction of the struggle here at Standing Rock, and the direction of things overall, against a fascist America.

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