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Heading to Standing Rock

November 28, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


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Revolution Club in Baltimore
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The Revolution Club Los Angeles read the article “Showdown Looms: Stand With Standing Rock.”

We discussed the article, people talked about their thoughts on Standing Rock and how that is related to the overall fight that is in front of us, including around Trump, and the importance of what people do now to not allow the encampment to be kicked out.

Two members of the Revolution Club immediately volunteered to go [to Standing Rock] as representatives, and the rest of the Club will be part of building a Solidarity Delegation which aims to include people from the neighborhoods of the oppressed together with students and others.

We thought through some people in and around the Club that we will read the article with, and talk about going with the delegation. We came up with a plan that includes making a banner that says "South Central LA and Watts Stands with Standing Rock" which will be taken out to neighborhoods in South LA and Watts for people to write statements of support for Standing Rock.

We also intend on challenging people in these neighborhoods to stop the violence amongst each other and start fighting the real enemy—the system of capitalism/imperialism. We developed plans for the next days of outreach by getting Revolution newspaper and the statement "In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America" and the RCP Central Committee pamphlet "HOW WE CAN WIN—How We, Can Really Make Revolution" to people at train stations near Watts and other places during the week.

We will be at rapper YG's concert (who does the song “FDT—Fuck Donald Trump” and is on a Fuck Donald Trump tour) on Tuesday night to distribute Revolution newspapers and fliers and call on people to stand with Standing Rock. During the day on Tuesday we will be at UCLA also with a banner to get it signed by students and others on campus and getting the word out about this revolution and the particularity of Standing Rock to students to unite with, contribute and join in the car caravans that will be traveling from LA to North Dakota by December 3.

We plan on raising money for all this among all people throughout society, including students, professors and people who live in the poor neighborhoods. And we will also be uniting with efforts of other organizations and individuals working towards building support and solidarity with Standing Rock including joining and participating in local actions and protests. People should be struggled with over how significant this fight at Standing Rock is at a time when the system produced and allowed to come to power an outright fascist who was handed the baton by the Democrats and will be president. This speaks to the utter illegitimacy of the system.


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