Hey Baby Boomers, Wake Up! Tonight We Gotta Party Like It’s 1969!

December 14, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Your generation fought for civil rights and then Black liberation. You overturned the suffocating gender roles that were handed down to you. You rebelled against and helped end a genocidal war in Vietnam. You got chased, insulted, spat on, ridiculed, arrested, gassed, beaten, and jailed, and some of you were even killed in the name of justice and decency and a better world. But you were ready for a brand new beat, and for a brief time you were able to make history dance to it.

And you drove two presidents from office when you did.

Now we’ve got someone about to assume the presidency who is a textbook-definition genuine fascist, a racist, an admitted molester, a religious demagogue, and a monumental swindler, and a fraud to boot. Someone who, before even assuming office, already has filled society with hate and fear and ignorance... already has assembled a team of neo-Nazis, militarists, religious fanatics, and racists to positions of power... already has made clear that he is putting the world and the future of life on this planet in danger—on a level way beyond what has been done before. This is way past normal. The Trump-Pence regime stands out as a horrific and grotesque threat to all kinds of people and the planet as a whole—and it would stand as a repudiation of everything that people in the ’60s fought and shed blood for, everything that you believed and lived for, back in what were truly great and historic days.

If you say you’re gonna wait and see, think about how that worked in Germany, with Hitler. If you’re figuring you fought your fight, now you want to head into the twilight and take it easy... well, go ahead, then. We got nothing for you.

But if you want to not just fight this fascism but stop it before it starts, if you have that spark, here’s our thing. Throw in with us for the next five weeks, with your support and resources and most of all your time and effort, and you’ll have a chance to leave a real legacy to the future: the defeat of an American fascism and the rekindling of the spark of the dream of a world of possibility for all people. Not a guarantee, but a chance—a fighting chance.

Boomers: We NEED You!

(To find out more, go to refusefascism.org.)


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