Reality Check

January 9, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


“Staying positive,” “celebrating how far we’ve come,” “making clear that we will be here for the next four years”... these are the phrases on all too many lips right now. These are the phrases of adjusting to—yes, normalizing and not stopping—what will be a HORROR, for humanity around the world.

It has to be clearly confronted: this regime is not just a swing of the pendulum, even a very bad swing. This regime will be a FASCIST regime. That is not rhetoric that is a truthful description. If you cheer when someone calls this the “Fourth Reich,” that’s supposed to mean something. Look: this fascist regime will set about violently recasting American society, this fascist regime will eviscerate civil and political rights as they do so, this regime will subjugate and persecute (both legally and with mobs) those they deem “not worthy” of their project, carrying out oppression on a whole other level. Trump and Pence campaigned on that, and in two weeks—unless they are stopped—they will have the wherewithal TO do it. Further: this will be a FASCIST regime that even now, before they have ascended to power, is trifling with nuclear war! This has to be clearly confronted, no matter how nightmarish that may be.

Confronting this fact means 1) that we go into the streets NOW, and not wait until they are in power, and 2) that we do not celebrate anything until we have prevented these fascists from taking power.


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