From a revcom volunteer in DC:

“I needed to be in DC not for myself. Humanity and the planet need me to be here.”

January 19, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader:

I heard the call and read the plan from and to come to DC the 14th and stay in DC until the illegitimate Trump-Pence regime is prevented from ruling. I fully supported this call with all my being. But my fears and anxieties kept me from making that leap that was needed to actually COME to DC. The leap to buy a plane ticket, take off work and go across country from one coast of the U.S. to the other and be among people I do not know, in a city I do not know, surrounded by Brown Shirt Altzi thugs, police, and feds terrified me. I racked my brain for days, asking myself if it was worth it, if the Refuse Fascism plan was even possible, until I thought about it in a different light by posing myself the following question: “For whom and for what?”

I needed to be in DC not for myself, or my interests, and my fears and anxieties are irrelevant. Humanity and the planet need me to be here, to stop what would be a complete horror for the masses of people all over the world, and not just people in the U.S. If we even had a 1% chance of possibly being successful, it is damn well worth it to prevent another Hitler. It IS scary, but we need to be brave and have the courage to stop this regime before it starts and think about all the people who would catch hell even more than they are now if the Trump-Pence regime were to take power. Realizing this, I bought my plane ticket immediately and came to DC and plan on staying. I challenge you all to take this up, and join us until we achieve victory to stop this horror.


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