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Martin Luther King III... Is Out of His Mind!

January 16, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


At the beginning of MLK weekend, Trump attacked Congressman John Lewis in a rabidly racist tweet, because Congressman Lewis told the truth—that Trump is illegitimate.

Two days later, on MLK Day, Martin Luther King III meets—with Trump! And then he comes out talking about the constructive meeting he had. Will he also refuse to stand against the increase in Black and brown people being shot and beaten by police or vigilantes? Will he now be counseling Black people on how to be even more submissive than Jim Crow days? Will he lecture us on “coming together” as civil rights that do exist are crushed under a Trump-Pence fascist regime? Maybe he’ll get a position to counsel Black people in Chicago, where the Trump regime has issued a thinly veiled promise to unleash even more vicious repression on Black people (see “Donald Trump Has TOLD YOU What Kind of Fascist Repression He Means By ‘Help’ For Chicago“). King said Trump likes the idea of registering everyone with photo voting ID. Registering everyone? Just think about what a fascist Trump-Pence regime would do with a list like that!

In the streets

If anyone thinks this is exaggeration or name calling, the evidence is there for anyone willing to look. Two days before this shameful meeting today, Trump dripped with bloody racism in his tweeted rant against Congressman John Lewis. About that, MLK III said that “In the heat of emotion a lot of things get said on both sides”(!) and it’s time to move forward and come together as a country... Really? Come together with a fascism nightmare looming over humanity? (See “This Week in Fascism: The Parade of Ghouls, Clashes at the Top and the Challenge Grows Sharper: We Must Prevent the Trump-Pence Regime from Ruling“)

Trump and Pence have assembled their ruling team including outright white supremacists in powerful positions—as attorney general and chief strategist. This in a country already rife with police murdering Black and brown people with impunity, mass incarceration, and generally no worthwhile future for our youth.

King III came out of this “meeting” talking to the press about moving forward, including on things like education... with Betsy DeVos? Her program has been Christian fundamentalism, crushing public education, and promoting state-funded private, segregated schools!

To everyone, don’t follow those footsteps. Humanity is depending on us for a far better outcome. Right now. This week.


For further reference see: Trump and Black People: You Have NO Idea How Bad It Can Get


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