Steve Bannon Is a Lying, Despicable, White-Supremacist Enforcer of Empire… V.I. Lenin Sought the Truth of Society and the World, and Fought For the Emancipation of Humanity

by Raymond Lotta | February 1, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


The Internet is buzzing with a statement attributed to Steve Bannon, the neo-Nazi chief strategist and advisor to Trump. In an interview Bannon allegedly said, “I’m a Leninist… Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too… to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Whether Bannon did say this… the fact is, no two human beings could be further apart in their thinking and actions than the fascist Steve Bannon and the revolutionary leader and theorist V.I. Lenin.

  • Lenin stood for and led a revolution in Russia in 1917 to put an end to all exploitation and oppression. To overthrow the capitalist system and replace it with a liberatory socialist state power and system… to serve the struggle and empower people to bring into being a radically new world, no longer divided into classes. Steve Bannon’s lifework is about tightening the chains of capitalist power and oppression—and forging a fascist capitalist state to do so.
  • Lenin stood and fought for the equality of nationalities. The Bolshevik Revolution under Lenin’s leadership carried out the most far-reaching measures ever seen before in modern history to overcome the oppression of minority nationalities, to put an end to discrimination against Jews, to combat Great-Russian chauvinism (the equivalent of white racism). To build unity among different nationalities on the basis of equality of cultures and languages. Steve Bannon is a racist pig whose Breitbart News spews forth all manner of white-supremacist, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant poison.
  • Lenin stood and fought for the liberation of women. The Russian revolution immediately and in the 1920s made divorce legal and widely available; legalized abortion; challenged traditional gender roles and religious custom that enslaved women. Steve Bannon is a fucking misogynist pig.
  • Lenin was an internationalist who stood and fought for the emancipation of world humanity. The socialist state established under his leadership in 1917 inspired and encouraged revolution throughout the world—including and importantly in the countries and nations oppressed by the imperialist powers. Steve Bannon is an enforcer of the U.S. empire—“America first”—for savage and genocidal domination of the world, for wars for control and plunder of the resources of the world
  • Lenin was a scientific thinker who applied the scientific method to understanding and changing the world. He made path-breaking analyses of the actual nature and development of capitalism-imperialism and the role and nature of the state throughout history. He saw that the oppressed and exploited need scientific knowledge and consciousness, and scientifically-based leadership, in order to free themselves from oppression and to avoid being deceived and manipulated by ruling elites. Steve Bannon’s lunatic-Christian fascist outlook stands opposed to and attacks critical and scientific thinking (like the reality of global warming)—and generates “fake news,” “alternative facts,” and massive lies to manipulate and subjugate people.

Steve Bannon and V.I. Lenin are polar opposites.





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