March 8 Rally/Press Conference:
No! to Trump’s Threats to Chicago!


March 7, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


We received the following press release:

WHEN: March 8, 2017, 1 pm
WHERE: Police Headquarters 35th and Michigan
Press Contact: 312 804-9121,

NO! to Trump’s Threats to Chicago!

Initiated by Carl Dix, spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Dix interrupted Jeff Sessions Testimony, was dragged out chanting “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA

Gloria Pinex, mother of Darius Pinex killed by Chicago police in 2011


Tio Hardiman, Violence Interrupters Inc.

Eric Russell, Ex. Dir. of Tree of Life and spokesperson for Bettie Jones and Jose Nieves killed by CPD

Mark Clements, Police Torture Survivor

Chantell Brooks, mother of Michael Westley, killed by Chicago Police Dept.

LaToya Howell, mother of Justus Howell, murdered by Zion Police

Reverend Collier Baggett, grandmother of police shooting victim Jimmell Cannon.

We are sounding the alarm on an emergency situation. The Trump/Pence regime is seizing on the horror of young Black people killing each other, as well as people caught in the cross fire, to make Chicago ground zero in their overall assault on Black people. Trump’s attorney general Sessions has already said that he will not enforce the scathing, year in the making DOJ report about racist police brutal practices issued January 2017!

Draconian plans are being floated, like the one from Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass which calls for federalizing the National Guard, blocking off whole communities like greater Englewood with concrete barriers and guardsmen to imprison the area and then flooding it with cops.

Say NO to Trump’s threats to Chicago—NO to a reign of terror in our communities on top of the hell already enforced in them; NO to attempts to entice people into becoming enforcers of this program, NO to attempts to buy people off with promises of a few jobs and maybe some blood money; and NO to further gutting of the public schools!

We will fight for a future for our youth!

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