PROTEST! MARCH 16: No Ban! No Wall! Resist Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0

March 13, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


On Thursday, March 16, the Trump/Pence regime’s Muslim Ban 2.0 is set to go into effect. Trump’s January 27 executive order barring immigrants and refugees from seven majority Muslim countries inflicted horrible suffering and terror on people coming from some of the most ravaged and unlivable places on Earth. In the midst of massive protest, the ban was put on hold by the federal courts, but the new ban is set to go into effect this week.

The people—the human beingsbeing denied entry into the United States are coming from countries that have been turned into a living (or unlivable) hell and the U.S. government is more responsible than any force in the world for the environmental, military, and economic conditions that are driving people from their homes in these countries. They are victims of the U.S. empire. It is an obscene crime against humanity to demonize and ban the victims of what the U.S. has done in the Middle East and North Africa.

Trump’s ban has nothing to do with protecting people. But it feeds xenophobic fear and hatred of Muslims that was a cornerstone of his campaign. Trump invoked real or invented incidents to forge a fascist base for a brutal, repressive society. History has horrific examples of where that kind of ugly hate can lead. This ban is a critical element in hammering down a fascist America. The ban itself must be defeated and this whole move to fascism must be stopped the only way it can be—by driving out the Trump/Pence fascist regime.

And this Muslim Ban will escalate the war between Western capitalism-imperialism on the one side, and fundamentalist Islamic jihad on the other. This is a clash that is reactionary on both sides, even as the crimes of the U.S. empire dwarf even the dreams of the fundamentalist Islamic jihadists. To the extent people around the world, and people in majority Muslim countries in particular, do not see resistance to this ban in this country, that fuels the paradigm of a holy war. And that serves both sides. On the other hand, the inspiring response against Trump’s first ban by people of all walks of life, of the legal community, of many religious leaders, and others when people coming from Muslim countries were being detained at airports on January 27, sent an important positive message to the world. That has to be taken higher, in all kinds of realms of society. Visible, powerful resistance to the Muslim Ban in this country can contribute to people in every part of the world fighting for a whole other kind of world than either of these Dark Ages forces impose where they rule.

The new ban has been tweaked, but everyone knows it’s still a Muslim Ban. People around the world must see people, especially those who are not directly in the crosshairs of this ban, resisting. Knocking back Trump’s moves to isolate and terrorize Muslims will give heart to all who are in the crosshairs of Trump’s fascist agenda in this country. And the more that it becomes clear to all that people are refusing to be let this go down, the harder it will be for anyone to be complicit.

Especially on March 16, we call on our readers everywhere to join with protests, cultural expressions, legal assistance... or call for something on your own. Bring “NO!” into everything, and the message Drive Out the Trump/Pence Regime! And send in reports, photos, and videos what you and others did that day right away to (send to:


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