Black community members begging for “resources”—be aware:

March 20, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


If Trump gives you “resources,” he is sinking werewolf fangs into your neck. The youth need a real solution—REVOLUTION.

When Trump was elected. he made a lot of noise that he was bringing back jobs to the U.S. And he issued a Mafioso-style threat—“If Chicago doesn’t fix the carnage, I will send in the feds.”

Social justice activists and others in the Black community in Chicago listened to this and somehow heard an offer to send federal resources to help Chicago’s impoverished neighborhoods. At a televised MSNBC town hall titled “Chicago in the Cross Hairs,” audience members alternately implored or demanded that Trump provide resources as the solution to dealing with the horrific violence among especially the youths who are maiming and killing each other as well as bystanders. Progressive clergy at a protest called for “resources, not more police forces.”

To the people begging for resources, you need to face reality: the only way you are going to get “resources” is if the system gives them to you. You have your hand out to a system that has never had anything for Black people but super-exploitation and oppression, and that now has no future at all for them. And, its new commander in chief is actively plotting to crush them on a whole other level. The Trump/Pence regime aims to deal once and for all with what the rulers of this country see as a “Black people problem.” They want to put an end to Black people’s ability to fight their oppression as a people. So any “resources” you get from the Trump/Pence regime will come with a very steep price to pay—co-operation with this plan.

Whatever your intention, you will be setting people up to follow those who are actively roping people into carrying this out. And don’t kid yourselves, this “bargain with the devil” will change the people who take it up, not the other way around.

The Trump regime plan has three killing thrusts to it:

  1. hammer Black people into even more hellish and prison-like conditions than already exist in segregated and oppressed areas of the city and literally stuff more people into actual prisons;
  2. numb and cripple the minds of Black and Brown children with Christian fundamentalist schools that do not teach them critical thinking: how to learn about the reality of the world and ways it can be changed; and
  3. reward some Black people for being the bootlickers, enforcers, and pigs for the US empire... joining the U.S. military to bomb and kill other oppressed people or act like the slave catchers of old by tracking immigrants and ripping apart their families as they are deported.

And let’s look at the actual reality—if somehow you could get some pitiful resources this would make no difference to the masses of these youth. Look at the pathetic programs of people like Arne Duncan (Obama’s secretary of education) scrounging up a handful of jobs that pay peanuts. Or Michelle Obama’s highly publicized “corporate funding pledges” for youth programs that went absolutely nowhere after the tragic and senseless killing of Hadiya Pendelton.

But even more to the heart of things is this: Yes, these youths are killing each other and, yes, resources are sucked out of the communities of the oppressed by this capitalist and white supremacist system, while people are effectively told to rot in hell. But it goes way deeper than lack of “resources.” This system has NO FUTURE for these youths and it drills that message into them through the media, the schools designed to fail, and most of all by the police and the prisons. There is no way to have respect, to be somebody, to have a measure of worth as a human being besides the code of the street and revenge—a dead-end trap that breeds more and more of the horrific violence.

There is just one thing that can actually deal with these hundreds of years of the oppression of Black people and all the other crimes and outrages committed by this system—the oppression of women, ruining the environment, wars for empire, demonizing and deporting immigrants. Just one thing that can take that rage and defiance among these youths, as well as their creativity and courage, and give that an outlet that would mean something extremely positive not just for them but for all of humanity. And that is the solution we need—revolution.

It is in the course of fighting for this, a revolution aimed at nothing less than a whole new society, a new state power, a society far better than this on the road to a truly communist world without exploitation or any kind of oppression, that these youths can transform themselves as they fight to bring into being a far better world.

Chicago right now is used twice by the rulers of this country—on the one hand, as a “lab” to carry out vicious repression that lays the foundations for genocide; and on the other, as an object lesson to the world. The growth of a real revolution—in which the youths who today are fighting and killing each other over what is really in the end nothing, take up instead the real fight against oppression—this could make all the difference not just for Chicago but for the world. You can be part of making that happen or you can end up as a tool of Trump, even if you talk very militantly all the while.

The overall plan for this revolution has been charted by Bob Avakian (BA), the leader of the revolution. There is a blueprint, an actual Constitution for this new socialist society. And BA deeply gets that these very same youths who are now cast off and whose anger is being expressed in very negative and harmful ways against each other can in fact transform themselves into becoming emancipators of humanity. This is why BA never ceases challenging and fighting for them to get out of the shit they are caught up in and GET INTO THE REVOLUTION. This is a key part of the strategy BA has led in developing, “fight the power, and transform the people, for revolution.”


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